Product Overview

Multi-factor authentication solutions for your business

PINsafe® Patented Technology

PINsafe® is the patented technology behind the image authentication factors PINpad®, PICpad, and Turing, part of the range of authentication factors available with AuthControl Sentry®, the multi-factor authentication solution designed to protect organizations from unauthorized access to their applications, networks, and data.

Image Authenticators

Turing, PINpad®, and PICpad image authenticators are underpinned by the patented PINsafe® technology. Whether you are accessing an application internally, or through a VPN or VDI, our range of image authenticators provide a visual representation of the PINsafe® protocol for ultimate security.

Mobile Authenticators

AuthControl Mobile® is one of the most popular ways for organizations to authenticate access to applications because it utilizes stakeholders’ existing mobile phones, meaning there are no additional costs to the business. There is a range of mobile authenticators to choose from including the PUSH notification, the one-time code (OTC) option, and OATH within the mobile app, which operates in a similar way to the traditional hardware token.

Hardware Token

Utilizing one of the latest authentication factors – biometrics – users can authenticate using their fingerprint. Streamlining user logins, fingerprint authentication can be implemented by either using the NITGEN fingerprint access controller or by using an HP, Dell, and Lenovo computer with fingerprint functionality.

Biometrics Authenticators

The traditional way of utilizing the hardware token to authenticate access to an application through a VPN is still an option with AuthControl Sentry®. This reliable way of authenticating is still a requirement for organizations that do not allow mobile phones on site.

AI-powered API Security

PingIntelligence for APIs is an API security solution done right. It provides a unified view of API activity across the entire enterprise for centralized monitoring and reporting. It uses artificial intelligence to learn traffic behaviors to automatically detect and block threats to enhance your organization’s security posture.