eVAL OMR Software

  • Exams, Multiple Choice Tests, Surveys made it super easy
  • Process your existing Test Forms without redesign
  • Cost-effective – No special scanners, paper & printers

More than 1000 installations worldwide. 100% Accuracy And Automated Reports & Results

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Simple to Setup

Main Features

  • Recognizes optical marks (bubbles) with 100% accuracy from plain paper sheets
  • Works with plain paper OMR Sheets:
    • Standers 70-100gsm A4 paper
    • No Special printing needed –can be printed on normal Printers or MRPs (Inkjet/Laser) in B/W
    • Photocopied OMR sheets can be used
    • Multiple standard templates available
  • No special scanner needed-OMR sheets can be scanned using Standard flatbed/ADF scanner
  • Very simple easy to use Microsoft Excel Based from Designer to modify existing and create new OMR sheets.
  • High-speed OMR sheet recognition, processes 300-500 sheets in a minute on standard PC

Main Features (cont.)

Form Processing Features
Bar Code reading
Printed text reading (OCR)
Handwritten text (ICR)
Tick (✓) and cross () reading
Structured and unstructured form reading
Advance Analytics and reporting module
Export data to various formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, DBF etc.)
SMS module- allows to send the results as SMS
Can process pre-designed OMR sheets
Best suited for quick & accurate evaluation of sheets such as test
evaluations assessments, surveys etc.
Available in perpetual license and annual subscription models
7 day trial version available for evaluation